Schick Hydro


It’s a young man’s greatest fear. That he’ll suddenly become befuddled by his smartphone or start telling terrible jokes. That he’ll start wearing socks with sandals, or, worst of all, purchase a fanny pack. It’s the deep down worry that one day, he will become his dad. So, working with Second City we created Becoming My Dad Syndrome; a faux ailment besieging thousands of Canadian men every day. But rest assured. While BMD may be terrible, Schick Hydro has the cure.

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The Brief

Schick Hydro had a problem. They had a great product, but were having problems getting noticed. Their competition was big and loud, and their target was, frankly, not paying that much attention. So, in a crowded market place, how could we get young guys to question their razor choice, and give our product a try?

The Idea

For many guys, their razor choice came down to habit. They just started using whatever razor their dad used, and never really stopped. We saw this as our way in. Although we love them, our dad’s aren’t always a beacon of good taste and knowledge in the modern world. There are some things that father doesn’t know best. You don’t wear your dad’s clothes. You don’t listen to your dad’s music. So why are you still using his razor? It’s time for a change.

The Results

Still ongoing, the campaign came out of the gates strong. Before the first month was over, we had already well surpassed our goals for video views and contest entries, and guys were spending more and more time exploring the content on the site. BMD is continuing to gain momentum, and guys everywhere are learning how to cure their own dadness.