Hidden Valley Ranch


Hidden Valley Ranch came to us with a challenge: they were looking to create new usage occasions for their set of food-involved consumers—women who love food, cook often, and for whom taste is absolutely paramount. We had to change perceptions that Hidden Valley Ranch was just a dressing, so we started thinking outside the salad.

The Brief

Drive sales and build shopping baskets of Hidden Valley Ranch. Prove to our 35-55 year old female target that HVR is a kitchen staple that legitimately belongs in in recipe-territory.

The Idea

Develop a series of everyday-gourmet celebrity-chef created Ranchified recipes. Beautifully deconstruct the dishes to juxtapose our product with delicious-looking, fresh ingredients. Create new vernacular, ‘Ranchify’, to give users a way to talk about their new behaviour. Finally, generate awareness in high-end publications and seed with respected food bloggers.

The Results

The brand enjoyed a significant influx in their digital engagement and exceeded share targets by 54%. Brand awareness was up, and sales increased as baskets were built with the Original Ranch—the only one capable of Ranchifying Canada’s recipes.