Glad Food Pro


Every year, the average Canadian family throws away over $1000 worth of food. Most of this waste is due to improper food storage, unused leftovers, or overestimating how much food to buy. Glad food storage wanted to help Canadians cut down on this waste and, along the way, save them money and help them eat better.

The Brief

Glad Food Storage wanted help promoting its wide range of food storage solutions, and to educate consumers about the best, most helpful ways to use their products.

The Idea

A lot of food wastage comes down to a lack of knowledge about how much actually gets thrown away. Our goal was to help shoppers keep track of the food they bought and used with our Use What You Buy Challenge. We partnered with celebrity chef Matthew Stowe to create a guide of useful tips and tricks for shopping, storing and cooking food, and even had him create three delicious recipe ideas for BBQ leftovers.

The Results

Our campaign launched in the summer and made a strong impact with in-store brochures and displays. Double page spread print ads, featured in retailer specific publications, educated consumers and drove product awareness. A promotional contest tie-in with the Food Network offered shoppers a chance to win a trip to Vancouver and a private cooking class with Matthew Stowe, quickly surpassing our entry goal. The campaign continues today with seasonal adaptations for winter and Holidays on deck, and more to follow.