Glad Canada

A Trashy Affair

When Glad® created new bags with ultra-effective Odour Guard, they needed to spread the good word to the men whose job it was to ditch the family’s stinky, leaky trash at the curb. Our opportunity was to educate and engage our YouTube-watching target with a series of short, farcical videos depicting the love of a stink-free trash bag.

The Brief

Launch new Glad® bags with Odour Guard. Drive awareness of product benefits and groom the male consumer to request to the family shopper his desire for Glad products. Drive sales quickly and help to reverse the rapidly growing market share loss to private label.

The Idea

Go funny or go home. Our insights told us how deeply men hated their smelly, leaky curbside trash job so we flipped it on its head; a strong, stink-free bag must arouse feelings as intense. The Trashy Affair web series follows our protagonist Michael and his wife through his sordid, hilariously absurd affair with Glad®.

The Results

Garnering hundreds of thousands of views and exceeding targets, A Trashy Affair was a success. During the campaign period we increased sales and saw an impressive lift in awareness. Further, we drove campaign shares and brand request between target and shopper via our customized trashy note tool.

A Trashy Affair