Campbell’s Chunky


We partnered Campbell’s with Movember to create Eating For Two, an awareness building, sales driving program and one of Canada’s first Vine campaigns. We asked guys to #FeedYourMo across digital, major social platforms, experiential, in-store and OOH to spectacular results—achieving our donation goal in just 4 days of launch.

The Brief

Launch Campbell’s 3 new Chunky Pub-Inspired Flavours at the commencement of soup season. Partner with Movember to borrow on their audience and status to help make the Chunky brand top of mind and incent purchase by our absentee target.

The Idea

No man wants a sparse, barely-there Mo so it’s best to nourish it well. Since Campbell’s Chunky is the soup that eats like a manly meal should, it’s the perfect go-to meal to support Movember participants who are eating for two. Chunky makes sure even the meekest Mo grows up to be big, bushy and strong.

The Results

Hilarious content, experiential tastings and massive in-store takeovers resulted in spectacular results. Facebook saw 220,000,000 impressions, Twitter had 550,000 and we had 85,000 likes and comments on Vine alone. We more than doubled our ROI target for the campaign and tripled sales targets for the campaign period.