Caffé Demetré


Café Demetre is an Ontario staple. You want to talk about brand love? Search the restaurant to find photo after tweet after review of customers raving about the delicious desserts, excellent coffee and an atmosphere designed for fun. Their 15-year-old site and lack of social presence weren’t doing justice to the online chatter that was happening every day.

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The Brief

Build a from-scratch the digital and social presence for Caffé Demetre that truly does justice to the fun, delicious and irreverent nature of the brand and experience.

The Idea

Start at the start. Execute a branding exercise to develop positioning, key messaging and identity look and feel. Create a massive piece of custom Caffé Demetre artwork full of irreverent (and some quite naughty) jokes and puns that could be used across all brand elements. Continue with a social/digital strategy and execute across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as a central hub that aggregate all things Caffé Demetre.

The Results

We have established an identity and digital strategy brand is proudly implementing across their franchises. Caffé Demetre now enjoys a central aggregator that captures the daily social chatter from their fans and has entered into the digital realm armed with the right tools to keep the conversation alive.