Brita Canada

Drink More Water. Less Sugar.

Over 60% of Canadian adults are overweight or obese, and sugar is a primary cause. The problem is, most people aren’t really that aware as to just how much sugar they are consuming, everyday. Our goal was to get Canadians to think differently about sugar, and drink more water.

The Brief

In a crowded retail landscape, overflowing with sugary drinks, position Brita water filters as the healthiest way to stay hydrated.

The Idea

The average Canadian consumes a whopping 88lbs of sugar each year. That’s an alarming figure, but one that’s a bit abstract for people to easily visualize, especially at the speed of retail. So, we created the sugar man, a simple and impactful visual icon to catch shoppers attention and draw them into our story. Brochures used impactful info-graphics to showcase the sugar content of popular drink choices, and in-store demos gave shoppers and chance to taste the difference a Brita filter makes.

The Results

Our product demos rolled out to stores across Canada, in time for the hot summer months, increasing product trial and driving awareness. By bringing sugar consumption to top of mind, the campaign shifted Brita from eco-awareness to health awareness.
The creative was then adapted for Brita’s back-to-school campaign.

Drink More Water. Less Sugar.